Thursday, November 25

FT Rhymes with Redundant-C

Pearson's FT Makes Staff Redundancy Plan Inquiries (Wall Street Journal):
Pearson PLC's (PSO) Financial Times newspaper has asked its journalists whether they would consider taking early retirement or voluntary redundancy next year, but said that it has no firm plans to offer such a scheme. A spokeswoman for the paper Thursday confirmed that a memo from Editor Andrew Gowers sent to staff earlier this week made such a request, but said it was only to gauge interest and may come to nothing. An article in the Times of London Thursday suggested the move was a sign the money-losing Financial Times was preparing deeper cost cuts.

Argh. I give thanks that I still have a job, despite the fact that the media division to which we belong was just sold to Bahrainis and my editor in chief just resigned to go to a hedge-fund publishing concern, leaving me in temporary charge of the whole kit and kaboodle--not the gig I signed up for or prepared for. Maybe five years from now! Much depends on the editor in chief we get in to replace the irreplaceable man. I see rubber chicken in my future, and very long days.


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