Friday, November 19

Financial and Decorative Transformation

The Journal of Financial Transformation is just the kind of nerdfest that I have taken up as my preferred genre of bedside reading lately, what with this new beat that I must try to pretend to understand.

My lovely wife Neuza has done wonders finishing up my cavern-like, booklined study at home—over my dead body, apparently, as I swore it would have to be before she ever laid a finger on my fortress of solitude.

Now that she's around, hopefullly the cat will never pee on my blogging armchair again. Iggy, the little bastard.

Interesting article in JRT from a consultant working to get a credit-card payment system up and running in Iraq under the CPA:

First lesson: No contract, no client. In my zeal to get the job done, self-interest took a back seat. ... Second: Corruption can frustrate the best technology, and the Iraqi banking sector has been a magnet for returning exile carpetbaggers ... our system was nearly derailed by the malign influence of a few interlopers. And finally, there is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.

We ran a story a while back on the fellow who was building the technical infrastructure of the Iraqi Stock Exchange and recently had a follow-up e-mail from him along similar lines. ... Don't think I should blog the details, maybe we will follow up with another story.


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