Wednesday, November 24

Editors cite cutbacks, increased workloads, lack of recognition.

2004 Salary Survey ShowsUnhappy Job-Satisfaction Results:

Subhed: Editors cite cutbacks, increased workloads, lack of recognition. After recently hearing these results, one editorial director of several publications told attendees at a meeting of the Magazine Association of the Southeast, "We [editors] have always been unhappy."

Again and again, editors in the survey cited budget cuts and increased workload, especially when staff positions are lost with no concomitant pay increase to balance the additional workload. This is an historic theme, for even when markets are doing well, low morale and high stress are significantly evident.

What can be done? An improving economy will help, but a certain lack of both human resource competency and knowledge of the editorial process on the part of publication management apparently exists no matter the economic climate.

Emphasis mine. Sounds about right, judging from my experience with those bastards with whom I signed that non-disparagement agreement in order to get my severance from that last publishing fiasco I shed blood, sweat and tears for. I may actually soon be in a position to discover whether I have this complaint or not. Ora pro nobis.


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