Friday, November 19

Editors Alternating the Factory Floor Editors-in-chief as industrial production managers, from, translates some observations from a German publishing bigwig, Kurt W. Zimmermann, editor in chief of Weltwoche:
Zimmermann claims that editors-in-chief have become 'industrial production managers' over the years. Having to survey personnel, finances, and process management, editors are no longer able to write articles on current sociopolitical developments. He illuminates, 'This changed position of the 'journalistic elite,' its shift from publicists to editorial managers, has alternated the media landscape, and results in more and more excellent newspapers with less and less excellent journalists.'

Oops, bad translation! (Original article, in German, from I think what is meant is "more and more excellent newspapers with fewer and fewer excellent line and copy editors."

And I don't really think the guy meant to say that editors are no longer "publicists"--our sworn enemies, like hyenas and lions.

And if it were actually possible to have more excellent newspapers with fewer excellent journalists, then, well, we'd have more excellent newspapers, wouldn't we?


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