Saturday, November 6

Brooklyn to BloggerCon: Arriving on the Playing Fields of Paradise

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I suppose I'll have some time to review my notes on BloggerCon this evening after my 10-hour work day. In a nutshell: BloggerCon III was a weird combination of an industry conference and an academic conference, with all the creepiest parts of both; for a gathering that likes to call itself, in principle, a "users' conference," the phrase "the blogging industry" sure was coming out of a lot of people's mouths, and the accomodations made to the Webcast made the whole thing feel as formalized and empty as a meeting of the UN General Assembly. You probably got more out of it if you ran it in the background on IRC while watching college football on TV. That being said, I'll see if I can glean something from my notes on the journalism session.


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