Wednesday, November 10

Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

The business managers from the SEIU were hanging around in the lobby yesterday in their snazzy aviator's jackets--could it be we'll be having a janitor and security strike? I heard the nice old guy who looks after our floor talking about it the other day. Maybe we'll see the famous giant rat out front one of these days.

Above: the view from our cubicle farm. Not bad, huh? The blue patch at top left used to be dominated by the Twin Towers. We supposed to be seeing the Freedom Tower rising 1,776 feet into the air there within five years or so.

My new reduced-rate membership at New York Health and Racquet Club makes me feel loved. If I must be a cog in the machine, then let me be a cog in the machine with a sauna right across the street from where I work.

That new burrito joint, Chipotle--how behind-the-trend trendy can you get?--on Whitehall has got lines around the block. Pretty mediocre, really, but there's not too much real Mexican in New York (lots of taco and burrito stands Chinese-style, which is a cuisine unto itself) so I guess that explains the latest mania. I wind up at Mickey D's on Water Street because time is money.

Uncharitable thoughts about the young Arab man manning the halal lunch stand out there on the sidewalk in front of this rickety, mismanaged old International School midrise. Is that how they cased us, got all those digital photographs that wound up on a PC in Karachi? Hell, I have my digicam with me today to take some snaps of the view, give you a Red Actor's eye view of the scene at SIN. Let's face it: Anyone is capable of doing anything at any time. You should have to keep your soul constantly prepared for surprise--and some extra cat food and candles for sieges.


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