Tuesday, November 23

Algorithm of the Week

I'm roaming around the Web looking up stuff on patenting business methods and algorithms and I stumble across this from iChris.ws:

It's an illustration from U.S. patent 6,751,348, "Automated detection of pornographic images."

  1. Compare each pixel's color with library of skin colours (white/black/etc.)
  2. If it's single pixel, it's ok. If it's an area of skin color, it's probably skin.
  3. Using some algorithm to determine if it's a face or not. If it's just face, it's probably portrait, which is ok.
  4. Determine from the shape which body part(s) is exposed.
  5. Determine if the post is erotic.

Amusing aimless thought process: start thinking of ways in which the algorithm could be spoofed. No. 5 is no easy determination to make, whether by software or by wetware.


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