Friday, October 29

Yo' Mama, Osama

Al-Jazeera Broadcasts Tape by Bin Laden. Yes, he's baaaaack. In a way, I suppose the whole thing is really a corollary of the "be the media" phenomenon, isn't it? A camcorder, a network of foot messengers (and a well-founded reputation for mass murder) and you can pull off an impeccably timed little PR coup like this one.

It makes me laugh a little bit--the other emotions simmer below the surface. Reminds me, for some reason, of a funny skit on Brazil's "Casseta e Planeta" about Osama living in a favela as the hen-pecked husband of a bossy fat lady ...

Gonna be an interesting weekend of TV, I'm guessing. I liked the fact that Yahoo rang my cell phone as soon as it learned of the news, within 15 minutes of the al-Jazeera broadcast ...


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