Thursday, October 14

The Red Actor Takes the Stage

Prentice Riddle will riddle-cule me for starting yet another blog, but I just had to see what the new service is like. It's wonderful! I have been wanting to try out some of the fancy interfaces written for the Blogger API, and perhaps even some moblogging. I also want to separate my private blogging projects, such as the Blogalization blog and wiki, from my work for the former Thomson Media, where I work as managing editor for Securities Industry News. Here, I will blog about the ins and outs of line editing, herding cats -- that's what working with a group of very talented and idiosyncratic reporters is like -- and keeping my eye peeled on the wider media universe for tricks of the trade. I'm also very excited about doing some moblogging. I just got a Motorola i860 from Nextel. Cool as ice on an earlobe in an Iraqi summer. I've had bad cellular karma in the last few years -- covarying with bad credit -- what with the jobless recovery and having been thrown out of work when the mag where I had my last full-time editorial gig was euthanized by the suits in Cleveland on September 7, 2001 ... Yes, that's right. Now I can finally afford a sensible cellular plan and use this magnificent contraption as my main phone, voting with my feet against those rat bastards at Verizon. I have a second line and a less garish device for my wife, Neuza, so that when she gets back from Brazil in a couple of weeks, we can use that handy walkie-talkie function you see advertised on TV a lot. I am a compulsive early adopter, you see. At any rate, to catch you up on my inkslinger-blogging, see my entries from Blogalization on the Society of Professional Journalists convention last month at the Grand Central Hyatt in midtown Manahatta, especially the swan song of Bill Moyers, as well as a surprisingly popular post I did on Rathergate. Also, a token victory for the fifth estate over objectionable press coverage of Brazil, my adoptive virtual homeland. May I also say what a great joy it is to be employed? I had some success as a freelance translator, but it was a grubby business, and the fact is that I enjoy the fast-paced teamwork of a publication staff a lot more -- and it is more beneficial in the long run for my mental health. No more days of sitting in my underwear in the old blogging chair, filling coffee cups with cigarette butts . I get up like a normal person, merge into the human tide disappearing into the subway stop under the Brooklyn Museum, change at Nevins Street, and pop up at Bowling Green, in front of the National Museum of the American Indian's New York annex. I ascend to the 25th floor of a building built on the site of Melville's birthplace and plop down at my Dell Windows 2000 box -- it kind of sucks -- in an open floor of low-walled cubicles in front of a big picture window that perfectly frames the absence of the Twin Towers. Well, zonked from editing and shipping a ton of pages today during a short week with a drop-deadline trigger that I didn't know about until the manufacturing guy got around to telling me an hour before it was to be pulled. Yergh. One point: These maunderings are my own and do not reflect the opinion of my employer, the erstwhile Thomson Media. Got it? Good.


Blogger Prentiss Riddle said...

Okay, take a deep breath. The first step is to admit that you have a problem.

As for Nextel -- I used to have a Nextel phone as part of my job and the instant-communicator feature drove me batty. Whenever it squawked at me my first impulse was to throw the phone out the window or down the nearest oubliette. At least with a phone that rings you have a few seconds to decide whether you want to answer it or not.

Might be different with your sweetie at the other end, but are you really going to be free to take her disintermediated calls in the middle of staff meetings?

10/17/2004 07:18:00 pm  
Blogger Blind Tangerine Jones said...

Good point as always, but the goal here is to disintermediate the meetings rather than the loved ones ... in theory. Thanks for the user experience review tho!

10/17/2004 09:55:00 pm  
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