Saturday, October 23

Order and Progress

I told myself I would be stopping by the office today to use the quiet weekend hours to get organized, but of course I wind up hacking around with my Axim 30x instead. Actually, I am uploading some basic documents like the editorial calendar and draft 2005 editorial plan to cart around with me: I guess that counts as a step towards order and the internalization of the rhythms of this enterprise.

I signed up with T-Mobile, too. I can office at Starbucks around the corner or down on 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Problem is how long the battery lasts in WiFi mode! I'll have to order a couple of extras, I guess. And have I already left the stylus at home when I went out? Yes, of course.

I want to build a file for each beat that we cover, similar to the one a sector analyst builds. Know the players, scan the news, etc. The wiki embedded in our portal seems good for that. Syncing directly from portal to PC and PPC is my dream, of course.

The real challenge is getting the human beings to actually use the system, of course.

I need a haircut and my socks are smelly. As if you needed to know that.


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