Wednesday, October 20

Infotainment Break

The President today signed the following bills into law:

H.R. 854, the Belarus Democracy Act of 2004, and S. 2895, An Act to authorize the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, to be illuminated by pink lights in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Source: The Wonkette would know better than I what to say about that last item. Just try to visualize it in your mind's eye ...

New and noted: industry jargon from Canada's Press Gallery.

blurb whore noun. A writer who provides glowing comments for a book or film in exchange for freebies, food, or junkets.

print clone noun. An online newspaper or magazine identical to the print version.

drive-by editing noun. Destroying a story with a rush edit without fact-checking or calling the writer.

commentariat noun. The pundit and commentator class.

beat sweetener noun. A puff-piece profile by a reporter whose beat includes coverage of the subject's sector.

paperazzi noun. Tabloid reporters, esp. those who chase celebs and politicos as aggressively as paparazzi.

buckraker noun. A journalist who uses their connections or expertise to earn money on the side.

media culpa noun. An admission of error by the media.

pencil-whip verb. To severely criticize, esp. as a member of the media.

talking hairdo noun. A television journalist who is concerned with appearance more than substance.

banalysis (buh.NAL.uh.sys) noun. Analysis that is commonplace, trivial, or trite.

inhuman-interest story noun. Tabloid jargon for a story about space aliens.


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