Thursday, October 21

Escolar: Setting the record straight is not enough

Rectificar es de hip�critas from Spain's Ignacio Escolar. When British Foreign Minister Jack Straw admitted last week that British intelligence on Iraqi WMD was "exaggerated," he assured the British public that the record has now been set straight. The problem is that the whistleblower who brought the charges to the public's attention, David Kelly, has committed suicide, and after the Hutton inquiry cleared the government of pressuring intelligence services to exaggerate Iraq's arsenal, the BBC reporter who reported the story resigned. The record may be set straight, but the difficult task of unshooting the messenger may be best left to Bush's "higher father." Speaking of which: Team Bush declares war on the New York Times. And check out the journalism blog Regret the Error: All corrections, all the time, based on an offhand remark of Cynthia Cotts, goddess.


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