Friday, October 15

E-mail Blog: From D'oh! to Duh!

I have to track a separate e-mail thread for each reporter writing in with copy and photos. Is it any wonder I lose track? And MS Outlook, please. The thing was designed by sadists. I am fairly hip to how it works, but it and our company's MS Exchange installation still waste an enormous amount of my time. After we nearly run a picture of the wrong Bob over his guest column, I have one of those moments of insight that can sometimes follow a "d'oh!" moment: Let the reporters upload their photos to one place. At any given moment, I will be able to see what is in and what is still to come. Now, if I can just hook up to the art servers upstairs without running afoul of corporate IT--or "the enemies of progress," as we sometimes say--and getting fired, I will be able to see what's going on instead of telephoning and e-mailing all around kingdom come, trying to piece together the situation from the faulty recollections of other stressed-out multitaskers.


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