Sunday, October 17

Does That Dog Hunt?

Via the Trommetter Times. These "battleground state" billboards argue that Kerry's attempt to reassure the gun-owning segment of the population are not borne out by his voting record. The expression "that dog won't hunt" is a way of saying that an opinion or proposal is false or impractical. In other words, a polite substitute for "bullsh*t." Just another way in which the senator's Frenchness—shorthand for all his ideological and personal shortcomings—makes him less than a "real American," according to the GOP propaganda machine.

Very effective propaganda, too: What red-blooded American does not prefer a dumb, happy Labrador to an elaborately shaved poodle? On the other hand, it should be said, the experts tend to agree that the poodle is in fact an excellent hunting and retrieving dog: an

active, intelligent and elegant-appearing dog, squarely built, well-proportioned, moving soundly and carrying themselves proudly. They retain their ability as a gundog and swim well. Intelligent and eager to learn makes them popular in obedience trials. Steady, smart and loyal, they will do anything an owner could wish for, including obedience, shows, tricks, hunting and retrieving. Poodles are happy, good-tempered dogs who make a good family pets.

In other words, that dog DOES hunt.

It might be replied that the dog pictured is a toy poodle, which, inbred as they are, have a reputation for being pretty foul-tempered and yippy. It looks like a standard to me, though. I may be wrong, but at least we're arguing facts now, not prejudices.


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