Friday, October 29

The Copy Desk Nods

Kerry Campaign Seizes on Halliburton Probe (AP):
After days of trying to make political hay over lost Iraqi explosives, the Democratic ticket turned Friday to an FBI probe of Halliburton as evidence of Bush administration special favors to special interests. President Bush was campaigning in actor-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Can we all just take a deep breath here, please? Unless by some Philip K. Dickian process of soul transfer the consciousness of W now resides in the cyborg body of the California governator, this rush bulletin is missing the words "Ohio with" after "in" and before "Arnold."

You know, you can get the President's campaign itinerary on the Web, it's not like you're breaking the Hindenburg disaster, okay? Slow down!

But then again, don't beat yourself up: tish happens.


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